Folded Carbon Steel

Brand > Cold Steel

  • Vintage Folding Pocket Knife Of The Ussr Semi-automatic Zone The Only Copy
  • Cold Steel Silver Eye Folding Knife 3.5 Cpm-s35vn Steel Blade Carbon Fiber
  • Cold Steel Golden Eye Elite Carbon Fiber 3.5 Folding Knife 62qcfs
  • Cold Steel 21tu Carbon Fiber Storm Cloud Straight Cpm20cv Steel Folding Knife
  • Cold Steel 62mgc Espada Xl Black Clip Point 7.5 Folding Knife
  • Cold Steel Large G-10 Xl Espada, Plain Edge 7.5 Blade Folding Knife 62mgc
  • Cold Steel Xl Espada G-10 Handle Folding Knife 7.5 Aus10a Blade 62mgc